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Lo-Finite Loop Pack

Over 220 Wav loops, hits, pads

and samples in 6 distinct folders


1 multi-sampled lofi piano


64 Dusty drum/percussion hits 


47 Music Loops


36 Music hits and one shots


51 Noise/fx


24 Pads and atmospheres 



Any DAW will do!

All files are .wav at 24bit/48khz



Loop Pack


Lo-finite is a loop pack that's filled with lofi Ambient content to dust up your tracks and spark your creativity. 


And now for something completely different! Lo-Finite is a one of a kind experimental sample pack that fuses the ambient genre with the dusty lofi world of the past and the future synths of the present to create a truly unique sonic experience. A true addition to any musicians collection, Lo-finite blends abstract sounds and musical experiments together in a wonderful stew of emotive textural musical Nirvana!


This remarkable collection of over 220 loops and samples combines a huge library of music loops with stunning electronic elements, with recordings of everyday objects completely reimagined.  A gorgeous multi-sampled piano, beautifully melodic analogue synth lines, live instruments, vinyl drum hits/percussion, textural ambience and more are included inside Lo-Finite.


All samples and sounds in the pack are 100% royalty free and available as .wav so your DAW of choice can easily handle and import any of the content in Lo-Finite!