Retro Ride




Picture yourself on a cool, foggy night, speeding down the highway in your red Camero, studded leather jacket in tow. The mysteries of the city fuel your ambition as you drive toward an evening filled with danger, sex and magic. You pop a cassette into the tape player and a blaring fusion of the past and future fill your speakers to form the perfect soundtrack for your epic existence. These are the sounds that have been created with Hazewave. Hazewave is an 85 combinator patch refill designed with Neo 80's Synth music in mind. Lo fi strings, leads, keyboards and bass arps, will help you capture the essence of a neon, pixelated wonderland! All knobs and buttons are customizable so that you can add your own attitude to songs and mixes. Neo-80's ReFill This ReFill is one radical retro ride!

  •  85 Combinator patches
  • Neo-80's ReFill
  •  Lo-fi strings, leads, keyboards, bass arps and more
  • Powerful Reason synthesis not found anywhere else! 

A Look Inside hazewave.