Earth, Fire, Air, Water

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Earth, Fire, Air, Water

200 customizable Combinator patches

Hundreds of unique organic samples

Each ReFill has its own sonic theme

Full range of organic instruments from wind, pluck, string and more

Experimental synthesis combined with organic samples

Endless sonic potential

For Reason 6 and up!



The sounds of the Earth produce a constant symphony of untamed splendor. 50 combinator patches overgrown with tons of unique samples are used to represent natural elements including rusty metal, bubbly liquid, singing glass, ancient wood, magic crystals and more. The use of field recordings and digital synthesis make these organic wonders of our world come to life in dynamic 24 bit. Please note that the drums tracks featured in the Earth Design Demo are meant to be used as inspiration for the many possible uses of this versatile Reason refill. 

Listen to your Mother.


    The danger and beauty of a dancing flame has made Fire a constant source of intrigue for humans throughout time. Swarming with unique organic samples such as plucked strings, old keys, Zelda's ocarina, distorted audio, massive synthesis, warped metal and broken glass represent heat, light and fantastic colors accompanying the unrelenting cackle of a growing inferno. These 50 distortion laced combinator patches blaze through your speakings in sparkling 24 bit audio. Let the drums tracks featured in the Fire Designed Demo serve as inspiration for your own creations. Start the sonic spark.

    Allow your ears to take in the majesty of the Air as it is not easily perceived by sight alone. The use of ambient soundscapes and synthesizer pads alludes to the vastness of the flowing sky, the mysterious travels of smoke in the wind, and the whimsy of dreams hidden amongst the clouds. Bulging with unique organic samples at 24 bit comprise this 50 combinator patch refill as the sound of wind, glass, singing bowls, metals, bowed strings, and atmospheres take you to magical places. Let the vocals featured on the Air Designed Track serve as inspiration for the types of mysteriously dreamlike audio projects that you can create.  

    Breathe. Flow. Fly.


    Whether it is powerful or soothing, transparent or murky, rolling steadily or standing still, the versatile nature of Water is essential to the continuation of all life. The sonic experience that water provides for the human spirit is inspiration for this abstract representation of field recordings and synthesis. Plucked strings, mallets, piano and organic and synthesized pads are the primary tools used to build this 50 abstract combinator patch collection. This Reason Refill will be sure to add a distinctive splash of texture to your next creative endeavor. Let the drums tracks featured in the Water Designed Demo serve as inspiration for your own creations. Dive in and absorb.

    "Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels." -Luigi Pirandello


    A Look Inside the Element Series

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