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Amalgam Max for Live instrument

42 Preset Files in 5 distinct categories

-        10 Leads

-        8 Pads

-        8 Percussive

-        8 Rhythmic

-        8 Effects

30 original wavetable samples for use in Amalgam’s X-Wave Editor


15 Extracted: Waveforms carefully       selected and distilled from larger audio samples


15 Drawn: Waveforms drawn by hand with Amalgam’s unique X-Wave Editor


20 Live Clips to demonstrate Amalgam’s versatility and serve as musical inspiration



Live 9 Standard (version 9.2 or higher) 
Max for Live 



Max for live


Amalgam is a powerful Synthesizer that lets you easily design and invent waveforms with its unique X-wave Editor.



Amalgam offers a unique and powerful blend of additive synthesis, frequency and amplitude modulation, and wavetable synthesis, all in one compact interface. On the surface, Amalgam is modeled after a traditional dual oscillator, analogue synth. However, it’s powerful and flexible “Modulator” can be used both as an LFO and as a modulator wave for FM or AM synthesis.

Amalgam’s real power, however, lies in its X-Wave Editor, a built-in waveform editor / wavetable oscillator. Import sound files and apply a number of operations, such as cropping, normalizing, and smoothing – all without ever stopping the audio.


Use “Draw” mode to draw audio data directly to the wavetable. Save your custom waveforms for use in new Amalgam patches or for use with other software.