Abstract, Digital, Sonic, Reflections

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A.D.S.R. is for the kids who are too chill to fist pump in the club, but still appreciate the magnetic vivacity of quality electronic music. This unique ReFill was created using the entire collection of synthesizers included within Reason. 100 combinator patches are separated into 5 folders designated by the categories of Ambient, Keys, Leads, Pads and Strange. This collection is completely customizable as the knobs, switches and routing devices can be manipulated by the user to create their very own abstract digital sonic reflections. The drums heard in the Designed Demo are not included in the collection, but can be used as rhythmic inspiration for your own musical projects. This ReFill utilizes Reason 6 and up. Abstract, Digital, Sonic, Reflections.


"If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music." -Thomas Carlyle



A Look Inside A.d.s.r.